Mindless maps

Mindless maps

How to have a pleasant territory information without too expensive investment

By using Open Source software it is possible to achieve amazing results with a cost reduction of up to 70-80% compared to procedures employing commercial software.

Studio ARX has already succeeded in producing professional products where the administration's financial resources were very low. This is possible through judicious planning of the methods and techniques available to execute a given project.

One example is the 1:100,000 map of Lunigiana, created for theLunigiana Tourist Operators Association, distributed by it free of charge and also available at www.visitlunigiana.it. It was derived from a regional cartographic base and by graphing entirely and again (thus correcting and updating errors in the base) using open source Inkscape software in linux environment (Ubuntu) therefore using totally free software.

The mapguide is constantly kept up-to-date and recently a 50 x 70 cm poster version of the Entire Province of Massa - Carrara was made with new roads built or under construction, traffic circles and kilometer distances

map bagnone

Another example are the maps of the villages of Lunigiana (MS) made by hand on paper, digitized and colored on the computer with Open Source software "Gimp." Maps of Pontremoli, Bagnone, Filattiera and Mulazzo are currently being made. The maps are in circulation on tourist brochures offered in some private and public information points in the respective municipalities.

In the digital environment in which we live, where Google Maps and other digital map services reign supreme, it seems, according to some sources, that paper maps have not gone out of fashion at all. On the contrary, it can be said that they are experiencing a second youth, related to the increased practicality for studying the route of a vacation especially on a table with friends or even just to beautify the wall of a room.

Here the map can become not only practical but also pleasing to the eye like the three-dimensional one developed by Studio Arx for theSan Gimignano (SIENA)Hoteliers Association. This one is made entirely by hand starting right from the three-dimensional Google Maps and colored with colored pencil(full in-depth study here) The map is intended, however, for a digital intent: the selfie on Instagram of the evocative places of the famous Tuscan village, interested in the passage of Dante when he came to town in 1300.