The city to the tourists

The city to the tourists

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When Hand Drawing Aids in Understanding Information

Every visitor needs clarity and simplicity in his search for information. He also expects a pleasant welcome: the town must communicate its beauty.
Because if in a matter of seconds his mind captures both the sense and the direction of what he has to see, the guest creates with his own hands the comfort of his journey. That is why the information of the towns, cities or villages that one wants to present to the tourist cannot leave room for doubtful interpretation: a particular graphic appealing but simple at the same time succeeds in the purpose.


To succeed in this endeavor, mainly freehand drawing and painting is used. The drawing is then digitized and reworked on the computer, titles/h captions added, and edited into the product you wish to provide to the tourist: brochure, foldable, sign, map whatever. 

Before all this, however, there is a design carried out together with the client, in order to be able to better identify the set expectations; thus is born, for example, the plan that mainly identifies the monuments of the city, or the one that prefers to focus on the texture of the streets and buildings in the village, or even the one of the particular bicycle or pedestrian route. But in the end everything must be captured very naturally, the kind of naturalness that only hand drawing can do.