Sigeric Point: a tailor-made shop

Sigeric Point: a tailor-made shop

Wood and Stone for a small environment that represents the land

A normal, package store has features that are always recognizable in the decor we are used to: a counter, equipped walls, shelves and racks to display merchandise, and good lighting. However, when the need is not only to sell clothing (sportswear in this case) but also to promote an area and hiking activities, and when the premises are quite small then no: you have to make something custom-made and very personalized.

This is the case of the Sigeric Point, a sales and information point for tourist activities in Lunigiana carried out by the Sigeric cooperative, in the center of Pontremoli (MS), where everything is designed to welcome those who enter in such a way as to involve them totally in the tourist offer that is proposed to them, starting from the entrance to the store, which is conceived almost as an embrace. Taking advantage of a pre-existing slope of the masonry, the latter is extended through a curved counter made of wood and sandstone (the same as the famous Stele Statues of Pontremoli) to gently guide him further into the interior where there is a display unit also made of wood and rough sandstone blocks with the merchandise visible both from the inside and from the outside through the window.

In the background, in the large archway, the SIGERIC brand stands out on the dark brown wall, on which the backdrop of stylized Pontremolese monuments also stands out, and next to it the merchandise displayed in the equipped wall. Counter, floor display and cabinet at the entrance were entirely conceived and handmade directly by the writing author and assembled on site.

The counter consists of two overlapping shaped shelves made of wood and stone supported only by a vertical wooden support and anchored to the wall, while the display case consists of three wooden boards supported by piers made of leveled sandstone blocks with a wooden core to recall the ancient masonry in the area. The stone and its processing was provided by Marble Home Furnishings MS of Massa.

A cabinet with simple uprights attached to the wall and a door was built to cover the metered electricity system, useful for placing tools for cleaning the room.

For the display of goods and storage of promotional materials, 4 shelves were placed on the floor IKEA resting on the removable parquet floor that does not damage the underlying red tile floor, which is typical of many apartments in Pontremoli and can be rediscovered and enjoyed tomorrow. On the wall closest to the storefront is a wall unit (provided by Belardi Arredamenti of Pontedera) on a dark background, while under the large arch with the inscription "SIGERIC" (created by Alessandro Folegnani) there is a scenery also made by the author in shaped polystyrene, behind which a led lighting strip highlights the outline of the scenery and at the same time illuminates the writing, with a particular effect on the dark wall visible even from outside.

Lighting is provided by a series of ceiling spotlights and a projector placed above the cabinet. For those entering, an illustrative panel scanned in regards aligned with the lines of the two stone and wood countertops shows, at a glance, the activities offered by the Cooperative. The panel is offered by Edison. On the outside, a large sign on a dark brown background shows the brand in its compact version while the most representative "keywords" of the cooperative's activities are called out on the window and door. A large sticker on the glass visible only from the outside recalls part of the Celtic rose in the Sigeric logo.